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Kate Deseray


Emma Thompson

Mistress Dark Rose

Gold Coast

  Client Reviews

 Provider Date Comment Reviewer Hits Performance
 Tayla made services 10-Mar-2017 Pretty gorgeous spunkie lady Tom 179        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Janelle Eden 06-Mar-2017 Pretty gorgeous spunkie lady  (2) 153        Sensational
 Mikeyrat 17-Feb-2017 Cheeky and Fun: you certainly are!  (2) 203        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Nancylicious 17-Nov-2016 Hottest ever small petite dominant favorite Ts Franc 235        Sensational
 Pedro Latin Guy 21-Apr-2016 Best Man to Man Service for busy travellers Karl2010 958        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Alex T 07-Apr-2016 Exceptional service goes the extra distance nickshit 141        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Kelly 04-Mar-2016 Ross 160        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 TSJoJo 04-Feb-2016 I got there I got so excite and it also al m the s fukanyfat SLUT 383        Sensational
 MsImperia 12-Nov-2015 Boxing session, amazing! Silus88 283        Sensational
 Transyumibkk 16-Aug-2015 Wow what a fantastic lady beautiful and passionate pinn1234 803        Sensational
 Oriental Aries 18-Jul-2015 bill 211        Enjoyable
 Hayley 10-Jul-2015 Almost too hot to handle waggs 708        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Trans Eva Hilton 16-Jun-2015 The light fixer 601        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Marcella 07-Jun-2015 Very Beautiful and talented lady dc 376        Sensational
 Indianbrownskin 09-Apr-2015 INDIAN BABE QLD AUSTRALIA  (2) 1486        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Sexy spice 29-Mar-2015 Exceeded all expectations! 335        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Studio207 30-Nov-2014 Purrfection snowydog1963 380        Sensational
 Jake Bauer 17-Nov-2014 Hot!! Janjj 861        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Mistress Kat 16-Nov-2014 That bossy women lol is the best missed u DEMON6969 741        Sensational
 Jake Bauer 12-Aug-2014 Jake Bauer was great Michelle 901        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Transyumibkk 26-Jun-2014 Yummy Yumi lucky Phil (4) 1093        Sensational
 Australian Kylie 13-Apr-2014 Took days to get the smile off my face trevorosborne 688        Sensational
 Mistress Tokyo 02-Mar-2014 Wow what a mistress rubberest leo 613        Sensational
 Magic Mike 23-Jan-2014 Magic Mike is One of the Best Acvailabale honeyduval 588        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Baby Yumi 08-Jan-2014 Amazing how gorgeous she was! Marc 837        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 TS Atikah Velvet 31-Dec-2013 Magnificque bruno christopher 915        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 MistressElectraAmore 24-Dec-2013 Wow what a sensational mistress rubberistleo 486        Sensational
 MistressSummerStorm 24-Dec-2013 What a beautiful attentive buxom mistress rubberist leo 438        Sensational
 Gabriella Torres 22-Dec-2013 Are you experienced? xyz123 1686        Enjoyable
 Trans Sexy Sasha 15-Dec-2013 It doesn't get any better lucky Phil (4) 1989        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Gabriella Torres 30-Nov-2013 Better than we could have imagined MrandMrsG (2) 1730        Sensational
 Gabriella Torres 30-Nov-2013 Better than we could have imagined MrandMrsG (2) 1730        Sensational
 Trans Sexy Sasha 10-Nov-2013 Still the best lucky Phil (4) 2056        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Boy4you 24-Oct-2013 He took me to heaven Basejumper 562        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 TS ZARA 22-Sep-2013 Loads of fun mike-kl 1303        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Trans Sexy Sasha 14-Sep-2013 Perfection is hard to find... lucky Phil (4) 2106        Sensational
 Alex Vicia 01-Sep-2013 Melbournes best dominatrix slave john 2669        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Brandiberrie 11-Jun-2013 Lovely lips and sliding deep harryfox (3) 606        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Doublebiberries 10-Jun-2013 The Bi Rocker Berries, are HOT JessicaHarris (2) 1036        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Doublebiberries 10-Jun-2013 The Bi Rocker Berries, are HOT JessicaHarris (2) 1036        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Cleoskoolgirl 10-Jun-2013 School Babe harryfox (3) 626        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Blondieberrie 10-Jun-2013 Sensual and one of the best kisses harryfox (3) 1848        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Eva Lovesit 08-Jun-2013 Hourglass hips, tight little arse and perky breast Mark Reeves (2) 563        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Ivy Swallows 08-Jun-2013 Lovely young lady Mark Reeves (2) 611        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Pedro Latin Guy 19-May-2013 It was what exactly what I wanted TimMelburn 3457        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Melanie 19-May-2013 Still sensational nWiza (2) 3682        Sensational
 Hot_Lips 13-May-2013 Girls, Lady's & Women, You must give Hot-lips a GO Hot_lips 422        Sensational
 Craig 09-May-2013 I was left speechless! mjadelaide 476        Hot! Hot! Hot!
 Chocolate cream 09-May-2013 Chocolate Couldnt tatse any better ! Nicole 1818        Sensational
 Blondieberrie 05-Apr-2013 Incredibly sensua james 1970        Hot! Hot! Hot!

Kally Angel



Naughty Nikki

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